Rigid Signs

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are ideal for temporary use and often the material of choice for personalized yard signs, campaign signs, disposable real estate signs and small scale advertising. Coroplast is a high quality plastic with a corrugated, twin wall profile, giving it an appearance akin to plastic cardboard. Each of our 12 different colors of coroplast sheets is treated specifically for use with vinyl and screen printing methods, ensuring your design, image or logo stays on each printed sign. The corrugated nature of the coroplast material provides vertical or horizontal flutes which allow for the use of easy to install step stakes that affix the sign to the ground. Coroplast is an inexpensive indoor or outdoor sign material that can help you promote without breaking your budget.

  • Great for temporary applications.
  • Most inexpensive sign choice.
  • Hassle-free, easy installation.

MDO Signs

Medium Density Overlay (MDO) signs are generally used for advertising or informational purposes and are a popular choice for businesses in real estate, property management, general contracting and construction. MDO is composed of ½ inch plywood that is pressure treated and coated with enamel based paint on one or both sides. MDO signs are available in individual sizes up to 4’x10’. Depending upon your specific needs MDO boards can be joined together to create larger signs or can be cut into smaller pieces to accommodate more modest designs. These durable and affordable signs will help get your message out and assist you in becoming more noticed.

  • Simple to cut & customize shapes.
  • Easily affixed with cooperative wood substrate.
  • Impressive for high traffic areas.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum and Dibond signs are optimal for permanent sign installations due to a durable, long life and a heat treated enamel finish. Aluminum signs are great for store front signage, ANSI/NEMA traffic signs, more professional real estate signs, etc. Like our MDO boards, aluminum signs are available in individual sizes up to 4’x10’, but also can be cut into custom shapes and sizes. Aluminum comes in a variety of thicknesses, .040-gauge, .063-gauge, and .080-gauge. Additionally, we offer an extremely durable material called Dibond, which is made up of two aluminum sheets on either side of a solid plastic core and is recommended for larger signs that need rigidity. Aluminum and Dibond signs are a great way to advance and advertise your business with a clean, professional look.

  • Professional look, polished feel.
  • Outstanding for Real Estate applications.
  • Most durable option for rigid signage.